Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shameless - CPS School Caught Coordinating Campaign Cited in Auditor's Report

Ohio Auditor David Yost has released a report on the investigation into "irregularities" in reporting by nine school districts in Ohio.

To absolutely no one's surprise, CPS is embroiled in this scandal as well.

CPS systematically "un-enrolled" students who transferred between schools within the district but missed school days between the transfer. By so doing, CPS was able to remove those students from the CPS report card. Thus, CPS goosed its test scores.

Like the levy campaign scheme, this appears to have been orchestrated at the highest levels.

Our review of the report shows that South Avondale Elementary was part of this scam. You'll remember that name from our Email of the Day #2. In that email the School's union rep informed the Principal that parent teacher conferences would have to be rescheduled to accommodate political campaigning.

These incidents are really two sides of the same coin. In both cases CPS administration is placing money before the students. Funny, we've always been taught that it is only those evil for profit businesses that put profits before people.

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