Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another "Hyper-Aware" Email from Franklin Schools

The administration of Franklin City Schools appears to be as corrupt as Cincinnati Public's. So it is fitting that the Enquirer stand up for their right to abuse taxpayer dollars for political purposes.

Superintendent Elam's letter to parents - delivered with indentured servant students - was not some quick, off-the-cuff, I lost my head sort of letter as has been suggested by the Enquirer and others. Rather this was a deliberately crafted political piece that was vetted and approved by the School Board prior to publication.

Apparently the Board's hypersensitivity wasn't turned up to 11 that day.

Read below as the board's comment and approval is sought and given:
  Board Approval by COAST  

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  1. Still mad you lost the election? You and your ilk are still acting like crybabies complaining about anything and everything that you don't agree with as minor as it is. Get over it. You are the minority. America spoke. It wasn't your side :D Crying about everything the "left" does doesn't help your cause, it makes more walk away from you. Keep up the good work!


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