Sunday, February 17, 2013

Democrats Defend the Indefensible!

A few weeks ago there was a steady drumbeat of outrage coming from the Democrats over the political speech of a member of the Ohio School Board.

Deb Terhar, reposted a political message some find objectionable on her personal facebook page, and a short time later removed the message. This led to calls for her to be removed from the school board, for her to resign, everything short of a gallows being constructed. All over a pretty innocuous facebook posting on her personal facebook page.

Fast forward a few weeks and we have a Public School Superintendent using School resources, publishing a political letter, on School letterhead and having it delivered to district parents using their children as mules. Are the Democrats calling for his head? Are they demanding his firing? His resignation? No, they are outraged that there is a criminal investigation into this clearly illegal conduct. They are blaming the Republican Governor. They are holding the criminal up as the hero.

Superintendent Elam's actions were inarguably indefensible. He unambiguously abused public resources and violated numerous laws.

Likewise Pamula Thomas was involved in the Cincinnati Public Schools' Ice Cream for Votes scandal. Now she is the presumptive Democrat appointee to Cincinnati City Council.

In America, there are not two political parties. There is one party, the Republican Party; and one Glorified Organized Crime Syndicate, The Democrats.

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  1. Let's not forget that Tim Burke, Chris Redfern, and all of the other Democrat hypocrites who are so bent out of shape about Terhar were completely silent when Democrat State Representative Bob Hagan called a young African-American man "Buckwheat" on facebook.
    The Ohio Democratic Party is full of hypocritical racism enablers.


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