Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CPS Email of the Day #1

As we go through the documents CPS has turned over thus far, we are finding countless "gems." It seems unfair for us to keep these to ourselves. So we thought we'd post them to Scribd and share them with our readers.

First up an email from the Principal of North Avondale Montessori to what appears to be the entire staff of the school from September 3, 2012.

Mr. Lewis includes on the list of upcoming events "CPS Levy campaign 3-6pm" on the schedule for September 6. Not content with just one mention, he later writes, "Please sign up for the Sept 6th and/or Sept 10 "CPS Levy Day of Action" by Friday, Aug 31st."

But why does he ask people to sign up by August 31st in an email sent 3 days after the 31st? Maybe because he sent that same email every day for a month?

Congratulations Mr. Lewis, you are the author of COAST's first email of the day! We hope this award merits a mention in tomorrow's "Mr. Lewis' Daily Bulletin"

Be sure to check back tomorrow for our next honoree and vote for your favorite to honor as the first CPS Rotten Apple.

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