Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Selling Cincinnati's sovereignty

The fundamental building blocks of a municipality are the dedicated public improvements that constitute the streets, sidewalks, sewers, water lines, parks and other infrastructure. 

And the right and obligation to maintain and regulate those assets for the public benefit is one of the essential components of municipal governance,

Thus, the announcement today that Cincinnati intends to embark on long-term lease of Cincinnati's parking assets, including meters on the public streets, to a private company in exchange for cash to balance their operating budget deficit, and flashy new municipal projects, is a dangerous departure from those core governing principles. 

For, despite the feel-good rhetoric spun by the administration and Mayoral candidate Roxanne Qualls, the streets and parking meters are now simply sources of profit for some venture capital fund who could not care less about the public interest of Cincinnati.

Make no mistake that Roxanne Qualls and Milton Dohoney are selling the jewels of our municipal infrastructure for the short-term gain of balancing the City's out-of-balance budget.

They are selling our sovereignty for a few pieces of silver.  

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