Thursday, February 14, 2013

CPS Attendance Scam Update - Yost with Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas at 55KRC spoke with Ohio Auditor David Yost this morning about the recent revelations of CPS manipulating student attendance data to undermine the integrity of the school grading system and goose their own numbers.

Yost pointed out that this was not some "victimless" crime, rather the victims are the students of those schools who were robbed of the opportunity to seek vouchers because the school results were bumped up illegally. The victims are the students who didn't get the federal money for tutoring that they would have qualified for had CPS not cheated the system.

CPS trapped these kids in underperforming schools and stole their opportunity for hope.

As Auditor Yost points out, this was not the result of a few rogue teachers, this scheme was fomented and carried out at the highest levels of CPS administration. This scam is likely to cost CPS upwards of $40 Million in state funding, with criminal prosecutions to come.

Listen here beginning at 17:50.

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