Sunday, February 17, 2013

Connecting the dots

Three seemingly unrelated stories arising from the 2012 general election have developed just in the past few weeks.

But they are related -- and are evidence of the tremendous effort democrats were applying to change the results of the 2012 President and Senatorial election in Ohio:

  • The CPS election scandal, detailed here, here, here, here, here, here and here, in which CPS teacher was "on work release" to the American Federation of Teachers to work on election matters, he was given a spreadsheet with the names of hundreds of 18 year olds attending CPS, and targeting them as "red meat" for political organizers, and CPS teachers, principals and others were organized for turnout efforts at taxpayer expense in every school.
  • The Hamilton County Jobs Corps scandal in which young voters on a federal work program were coordinating with democrat organizers, driven to the polls and told how to vote.
  • The electoral fraud exposed in Hamilton County in which 19 voters voted twice, and engaged in other fraudulent electoral acts. 
And remember, this is just what we have found, and found so far.   The work to influence the 2012 election in Ohio was vast, well funded and well organized.

Prosecutors must act on the misdeeds to insure the integrity of our elections going forward.

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