Sunday, June 2, 2013

Where is the business community?

We don't complaint about it too openly or too frequently, but in almost every battle COAST fights, the business community (the Chamber of Commerce and the Cincinnati Business Committee) is either AWOL or openly hostile to the limited government position.  It's a predictable as sunshine.

Still, we half-expected on the fight over the Responsible Bidder ordinance that the business types would be in full revolt against Roxanne Qualls and the nutty City Council occupying City Hall.  So, today we perused the Chamber's web site (GCCC.Com) and their "Policy Tracker."  We note that there is nary a word, not a mention of Cincinnati's Responsible Bidder ordinance.  We searched their web site under the key words "Responsible Bidder" and "Metropolitan Sewer District" and was told "no results for your search."

Now, color us naive.  Call us Pollyanna-ish.  Tell us we were born yesterday.  But if there was ever a limited government issue around which the Cincinnati business community could rally, should rally, this is it.

And they are, once again, absent without leave.  So, when you wonder why the labor unions, the liberal democrats, and other lefties dominate this town, look no further than the silence of GCCC.Com on the question of "Responsible Bidder" to know why.  The guys who should be taking the battlefield with arms, are still in bed, with the sheets pulled up over their heads.

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