Wednesday, June 19, 2013

COAST asks Hamilton County Commissioners to ferret tens of ObamaCare millions in savings from County levies

ObamaCare is cataclysmically bad fiscal policy, and bad healthcare policy.  COAST wants nothing more than its wholesale repeal.

But it is the law of the land.  and it has certain policy consequences for Hamilton County that presently spends more on healthcare per capita than virtually any County in the nation.  That's because most local governments don't subsidize healthcare at all -- they allow state and federal governments to pay for it with their ample Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Compensation and myriad other programs that pay for hospitals, doctors, and other expenses.
  • In Hamilton County, we have a specific levy (unique in all the nation) that funds "uncompensated care" for "indigent" patients. Under ObamaCare, there is simply no more "uncompensated care," and thus that levy is absolutely no longer needed.  
  • Similarly, under ObamaCare, there is mental health care parity -- it's "covered" just like other medical expenses.  Thus, the vast majority of the Mental Health levy is no longer needed at all! 
  • Also, the Sheriff's office spends more than $6 million per year covering health care for inmates at the Justice Center because they are "indigent." Under ObamaCare, all of their care is now paid under a new federal program.
Additionally, major components of the Senior Services levy, the Children's Services levy, and the Developmental Disabilities levy are simply no longer needed as they re entirely funded by the federal government.

COAST this week wrote to the Hamilton County Commission and the Hamilton County Tax Levy Review Committee asking that they ferret out of the County budget and the special levies all of the savings possible from ObamaCare. We'll call it the "Obama Dividend" for Hamilton County taxpayers.

We encourage you to call your Commissioners to ask that they follow through on this important policy and budgetary priority.

Contact the County Commissioners here:

(513) 946-4406
(513) 946-4401
(513) 946-4409

Read the letter here:

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