Wednesday, June 12, 2013

BREAKING / URGENT: Court of Appeals announces on its web site that Parking Plot decision is coming this morning. Stay tuned!

WVXU radio has announced that the Court of Appeals decision on the Parking Plot will be released this morning.  In that decision, the Court will decide whether to uphold Judge Bob Winkler's inspired decision that allows the Parking Plot to be subjected to a vote of the people -- a referendum -- this November.

More than 19,803 Cincinnatians submitted petition signatures to place the issue before the voters, even without being assured that the Courts would uphold their right of referendum.  More than 315 circulators sacrificed thousands of hours to vindicate that right of a vote of the people on what certainly is bad policy by the Council, while the Courts have wrestled with the issue of whether a vote would even be allowed.  Such was the determination of the populace to force a vote on the issue and overturn the City policy with which they overwhelmingly disagreed.

COAST's legal team was engaged in the battle for ballot access, and against the Parking Plot before the Council.  We anxiously await the decision and fervently hope that the Court allows the people the right to vote on the pernicious Parking Plot.

Stay tuned to the COAST blog for the lastest. We will post the decision as soon as it becomes available.

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