Saturday, June 22, 2013

US Department of Transportation "gives" $5M More for Streetcar; hectors Cincinnati for lack of progress

In a stern warning of Cincinnati, the US Department of Transportation has offered yet another $5 million for the Cincinnati Streetcar if only we would commit the extra $17.4 million in local funding, and get on with it already.

The $5 million "grant" is not much of a grant in that it requires the restoration of millions upon millions of "value engineering" savings on the scope and scale of the project the City tried to claim after the cost overruns were identified, which may well exceed $5 million in additional costs.  So, that which Ray LaHood's left hand giveth, his right hand taketh away.

Read the hectoring letter from the feds below.  You will see the Cincinnati taxpayers are pawns in a much larger game that Mayor Mallory and Ray LaHood are playing.  It's sickening.

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