Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where do we go from here?

Cincinnati taxpayers need to brace themselves for a double gut punch.  With last week's Court of Appeals decision on the Parking Plot, and this coming week's vote to spend an additional $17.4 million on and to proceed with the Streetcar, the lunatics certainly seem in charge of the asylum.

But is there light at the end of the tunnel?  Indeed.

First, Parking Plot referendum attorneys have asked the Court of Appeals to stay its ruling, allowing the injunction to remain in place pending an appeal.  This both gives hopes for a November vote on the issue, and keeps the issue before the voters for the fall Council election campaign.

Second, we do have a City Council election, and in that campaign we hope and expect that the Council's misuse of its emergency powers, the Streetcar folly and the Parking Plot itself will be major issues before the voters.  We have some exciting candidates challenging the crazies on Council, so it should be a spirited fall campaign.

Finally, we have math and common sense on our side.  The streetcar cannot succeed either as a transportation plan or economic development tool and the fiscal foolishness of the Parking Plot will become apparent within 18 months.  The parking policy foolishness will become apparent as harassed motorists flee to shopping in the 'burbs.

So, be heartened that we will be heard another day.

But battles we have undertaken so valiantly will not be won this month.

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  1. Other than COAST's saying it, where are the data establishing the Cincinnati Streetcar will fail?

    If the only argument you can muster is that "it will never pay for itself," then publish a list of other local government functions that "pay for themselves" -- functions other than our water and sewer utilities.

    Shall we do away with every government activity that fails to appear on your list?


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