Thursday, June 13, 2013

John Curp with the Quote of the Day!

Proving either just how stupid John Curp is or how stupid he thinks the rest of the city is. Our esteemed City Solicitor had this to say after the Court of Appeals ruling on the Parking Plot:
"Thank God, on the eve of a big windstorm the appellate court reversed the lower court's ban on emergency clauses"

The Enquirer then listed the emergency ordinances that were voted on on Wednesday:
A $12 Million forgivable loan to a developer, the approval of an easement, the sale of property in Oakley and Northside.

Would we expect anything less from the liars and bluffers who spent months claiming the sky was falling without the Parking Plot money and emergency ordinances?

Perhaps the city is just in a perpetual windstorm?

Read the Enquirer article here.

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