Saturday, June 1, 2013

One thought before you vote on that additional $17 Million for the Streetcar...

As the Enquirer pointed out the other day (here), Cincinnati has no real analysis of what to expect the streetcar to cost to operate and how much fares will generate toward that cost.

They've been throwing around a number of $3.5 Million per year, but as the Enquirer noted that estimate is based solely on what other cities are paying for their Streetcars.

And of course, Vice Mayor Roxanne Qualls has said she will call a vote on an additional $17 Million for the streetcar project sometime in June. Might we suggest that before you call that vote, that you get a firm number on what it is going to cost to operate this boondoggle? Given the series of events and ever escalating cost of this monstrosity, wouldn't any sane, rational human being want to know how deep this thing is going to drive the city into debt before voting on whether or not to proceed?

With that it mind, it is painfully clear that Roxanne Qualls and her cronies on council will vote for yet another blank check for the streetcar without the slightest clue or concern about the long term costs to run this glorified amusement park ride.

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