Monday, June 17, 2013

There are now six Council votes against the Parking Plot

OK, this is a big development.

There are now six votes on Council against the Parking Plot.  Whether they have the guts to use their super-majority to repeal the Parking Plot Ordinance is entirely another matter, because as a matter of custom, this Council has slavishly deferred to Mayor Mallory in setting the Council agenda and City priorities.

As reported here by Howard Wilkinson of WVXU radio, Friday, Pamula Thomas added her voice to Council members desiring to "re-visit" the Parking Plot authorization to the City Manager.

She joins Laure Quinlivan and Chris Seelbach in calls to repeal the Ordinance.  All three previously voted in support of the Ordinance and avoiding a citizen referendum, on the issue (Seelbach nominally voted against the Ordinance, but voted to give it "Emergency" status, empowering the Council to avoid a referendum).  Their votes, along with Parking Plot opponents P.G. Sittenfeld, Christopher Smitherman and Charlie Winburn, make six announced opponents of the Parking Plot.  That's enough both to force it on the Council agenda and to override the Mayor's certain veto of the repeal measure.

Again, the issue is whether they finally have the courage of their convictions to act on the repeal, but there is a glimmer of hope at the end of this otherwise long tunnel of disappointment.

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