Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And the Winner(?) Is...

All of Cincinnati waits with bated breath as the votes were counted. And now we know that the most despicable of the Parking Plotters is...


Let's remember that it was Chris Seelbach's treachery that got us into this situation in the first place. For weeks he claimed he would oppose the Parking Plot, but then in a last minute switch, he voted for the emergency ordinance to disenfranchise the voters of Cincinnati.

Let's be clear, we all knew that Seelbach was going to be the sixth vote for disenfranchisement. How did we know it? Because we know the character of Chris Seelbach. And now, the people of Cincinnati know his character as well.

Quinlivan and Qualls were tied for 2nd.

We have to admit, we are a little curious that Solicitor Curp didn't get more votes. No doubt name id was a major factor in the voting. So take comfort John Curp: it's only the people who know you who find you despicable!

No doubt Seelbach will shortly send out another email attempting to fundraise off being named the Most Despicable Parking Plotter by the People of Cincinnati.

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  1. I pay more attention to the pole that finds COAST to be the most ridiculous portrayer of fair and honorable journalism. There wasn't even a close second!


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