Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wait, wait, now we are hearing something different from City Hall

Now it's only a rumor, a faint hope that sanity has gripped the place if even for a moment.

But it was suggested today to COAST sources that the reason Finance Committee Chairman Roxanne Qualls is finding it "hard to predict" when she will bring the Streetcar boondoggle to its next Council vote is that she's having a hard time either assembling five votes to pass the additional $17.4 million funding package, or perhaps the sixth vote to avoid a referendum on the project (which vote would be concurrent with her Mayoral election).

It's only a rumor, and given the consistent insanity emanating from the place almost certainly untrue, but  (as we said before) we certainly enjoy the twisting, turning, writhing and wriggling that this Council has to undertake to advance their signal pet $180 million project.

This week should tell, as this is when Qualls had planned to bring the vote forward.

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