Friday, June 7, 2013

The Chris Seelbach-Rob Richardson connection

The "Responsible Bidder" ordinance rammed through Council last month is so phenomenally one-sided that it raises questions of: Who drafted this? Who requested this? At whose behest was this passed in such a hurried fashion?

This blog entry attempts to explore the motivations of its prime sponsor, Council member Chris Seelbach, to have sponsored this sorry piece of legislation to begin with.

As a starting point, when Seelbach was confronted with questions about the Ordinance before a special session of Council, he obviously failed to have a grasp of even the most basic components of his own legislation.  This tells us he merely was a tool of the special interest group that drafted the proposal -- Laborers Union Local 265.

That organization is headed by Rob Richardson, Jr., the very same thug who has been harassing Christopher Smitherman in his role as President of the Cincinnati NAACP.

Interestingly, within a week after the Ordinance was rammed through Council, Richardson hosted a fundraiser for Seelbach at Crowley's in Mt. Adams.  Read about that here.  From the article:
The invitation says “Chris has been a tireless voice for organized labor during his time on council.”
So, freshman Council member did not take long to fall into the pay-to-play sleaziness that infects so much of government.  His well-justified fear of losing his reelection campaign obviously impelled him to undertake this bad judgment.

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