Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Smitherman today hosts tour of our last major boondoggle -- Riverfront Transit Center

As if he is not tackling enough wasteful spending by the City, today Council member Christopher Smitherman hosts a free tour of the vacant and unused $42 million Riverfront Transit Center.  It is a massive, cavernous, gold-plated boondoggle planned by the same engineers that are soaking the City for Streetcar planning -- Parsons Brinckerhoff.

You really have to see it to believe it.

The bus for the tour leaves City Hall at 3 PM today.  Call Smitherman's office at 352-3464 to join the tour.  Take your cell phone camera with you and tweet, FB and blog the photos from the site.  We must shine the light of truth on this amazing waste of money.


  1. But I thought you claimed Fountain Square was a boondoggle... Why isn't he touring THAT to show off how much of a waste of money this is. Wouldn't that be the most recent?

    Or perhaps Washington Park was the most recent boondoggle. I'm sure you came out against that at some point. I think he should tour those to show off the huge waste of money Cincinnati incurred for these terrible projects.


  2. Riverfront Transit Center

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    Todd Portune & the Eastern Corridor Team

  3. We do a lot of things and we get credit for a lot of things we don't do. I think the Fountain Square thing falls in the latter category. COAST did not weigh in on the Fountain Square improvements one way or he other, we don't believe.


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