Monday, June 17, 2013

A hearty thanks to those who believed we could make a difference

The events of March of this year were truly momentous, with a temporary restraining order, a trial, a permanent injunction, and a shock and awe petition drive that resulted in 19,803 signatures on Parking Plot referendum petitions.

Alas, it was not to be, as the Court of Appeals overruled Judge Bob Winkler's inspired ruling that actually put the people of Cincinnati in charge over their Council members, allowing a referendum on the ballot issue.

And we don't criticize the Court of Appeals.  They wrestled with difficult issues that required very close calls.  The split decision, with Judge Dinkelacker siding with the petitioners on all counts, was clearly a difficult one for the judges.

We do squarely blame the Council not just for this bad policy, but for their declaration of a false emergency solely to deprive the voters of a vote on the issue.  These malevolent politicians do not have their constituents' best interests in mind.

But we wanted again to thank the team of 315 volunteers who worked so hard to place this issue before the voters, and sacrificed time, money and energy for the betterment of their City.  Your sacrifice will not be forgotten, and we hope not wasted.  Our voices were heard by this Council, they just choose for now to ignore them.  

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  1. Nothing but a COAST political stunt that Judge Winkler fell face first into. Nothing inspiring, just an over-reaching judge who rightly got smacked down by the Court of Appeals.

    Hell, as soon as Bill Cunningham shot holes in your "lawsuit", you should have know you were going down in flames.


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