Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quinlivan and Seelbach Absolutely Shameless

In the wake of this morning's Court of Appeals ruling, Councilmembers Laure Quinlivan and Chris Seelbach are playing an absolutely shameless game attempting to disguise their support for the Parking Plot.

Recall it was Seelbach's backdoor vote for the emergency clause that gave Qualls and Quinlivan the magic sixth vote to disenfranchise the city's voters on one of the biggest economic and liberty issues in the City since the Jail Tax.  And Quinlivan was her ever reliable vote for the Mallory/Qualls agenda.

Now these two are trying to pass themselves off as opposed to the parking plot. Don't think for one second that we have any intention of letting anyone forget exactly whose treachery lead to the Parking Plot. No doubt they will make the rounds in the media and send out press releases claiming to oppose the Parking Plot "as written" - and coincidentally as they voted for! But this is merely whistling passed the graveyard, hoping the voters will forget the truth by November.

We intend to remind the voters daily of the irresponsible actions of Quinlivan, Seelbach and the rest of Qualls' gang until the election.

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