Sunday, June 2, 2013

'Responsible bidder' law must be repealed

Self-destructive seems to be the most apt moniker to apply tho Cincinnati City Council, but at least they were wise enough not to apply their horrible "responsible bidder" law onto City operations, only onto the $3.2 billion in capital upgrades that MSD is undertaking over the coming few years.

The ordinance also violates state and federal law, and the agreement to operate MSD between the City and the County.  It should be stricken by the Courts.

But that Council would choose to implement this illegal ordinance that is bad policy is inexcusable policy, but what we have come to expect from this irresponsible, union-owned Council.

It needs to be repealed, and the Council members who voted for it replaced.

We agree (again) with the Enquirer on this issue!  Read that here.

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