Monday, May 20, 2013

COAST Applauds Massie, Wenstrup

In the debate over increasing Federal involvement in the taxing and regulatory power of the states, two members of the local Congressional Delegation deserve particular praise.

Thomas Massie of Northern Kentucky and Brad Wenstrup of Southern Ohio's District 2. Massie wrote a letter to Speaker Boehner opposing the "Marketplace Fairness Act" (a nice wholesome sounding name for a truly horrible bill). Wenstrup was among the first to sign the letter.

COAST applauds the efforts of Massie and Wenstrup to protect against the expanse of government via the internet tax.

Northern Kentucky COASTers can contact Massie here.

Southern Ohio COASTers can contact Wenstrup here.


  1. I agree! I like to shop and pay 0% Sales Tax. Someone else can pay the taxes I'm not paying.

    I support the same arrangement locally. If you look me up on the Hamilton County Auditor's site, you'll see most of my property is tax-abated. I barely pay any taxes! Everyone else pays my property taxes for me.

    I'd like to keep a good thing going. I'll keep raising taxes, as long as you keep paying my taxes for me. Keep up the good work!

  2. Under Ohio's tax laws the consumer is required to pay a use tax on goods purchased online that were not taxed by the retailer. Since people don't pay the use tax and it would be otherwise hard to enforce it typically goes unpaid. The Bill would do nothing but help collect taxes that are already required to be paid.


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