Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intellectual honesty from City Beat

For any of us in any profession, one of the warmest compliments we can receive is that we have been intellectually honest.  What that means, many times, is that we admit that an engrained position we have held is simply wrong, or that a person or organization we have opposed is in fact correct in a position that they hold.  But swallowing our pride, and admitting our error takes a big person to undertake.

Thus, we today recognize German Lopez and City Beat, reliable apologists for Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory, City Council member Roxanne Qualls and City Manager Milton Dohoney in matters of the City Budget, the Streetcar and otherwise, for their intellectual honesty in this piece on the City budget today.

Therein, they pretty much say that the City lied to everyone about the budget problems in order to get the public to accept the Parking Plot.  It goes further, but the article speaks for itself.

Thanks, guys, for advancing the dialogue with this candid critique of the City father that are leading us on a road to ruin.

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