Saturday, May 4, 2013

COAST Attorney Chris Finney appears on 700 WLW tonight at 8 PM with Dan Carroll

Tonight at 8 PM, COAST attorney joins WLW's Dan Carroll at 8 PM to discuss the Parking Plot and this week's update on the Cincinnati Streetcar.  Tune in after the Derby to catch the conversation!

Here's a preview:

  • Monday at 9 AM COAST attorney Chris Finney appears before the First District Court of Appeals before Judges Penny Cunningham, Pat DeWine and Pat Dinkelacker to argue the question of whether the Parking Plot referendum should appear on the November ballot, and the will of 19,803 petition signers will be upheld.  Finney will discuss the arguments.
  • There was an incredible set of developments this week on the Cincinnati Streetcar, with Council holding a sham "hearing" Monday night on the $17.4 million cost overruns, but the Manager's plan to fill the gap was released only the following day.  Then, amazingly, the City Manager almost instantly withdrew his own plan. 
  • Today, the Enquirer editorialized against the patchwork budget for the Streetcar shortfall cobbled together by the Manager saying. "We wonder when the whole thing is going to come apart at the seams."

Finney will discuss these developments and more this evening. 

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