Friday, May 31, 2013

Chicken Littles proven wrong (dishonest) each day that passes without a Court of Appeals decision

(Aside from the commentary below, we think that the Court of Appeals allowing a referendum on the Parking Plot petitions is critical as a matter of justice and a matter of policy and politics.  19,803 citizens shall not be denied their right to vote!)

Whether the Hamilton County First District Court of Appeals rules to allow a public referendum on the Parking Plot (and thus uphold Judge Winkler's wise decision), or whether it upholds the City's scheming to avoid a public vote, one thing is made clearer each and every day that the Court of Appeals continues to consider and write its decision:

Our City fathers lied to us, repeatedly, about the consequences of Judge Winkler's ruling.
  • They said that the loss of "emergency clause" powers, allowing fast implementation and avoidance of referendum rights for ordinances would sink the City.  It has, predictably had no impact on the operations of the City.  None.
  • They threatened the layoffs of more than 300 Police and Firemen.  We saw how that panned out.
So, the Court of Appeals, by not yet deciding the Parking Plot referendum case, and each day that goes by without a decision, has exposed the Chicken Littles for the liars that they are.

(We note one other thing:  Right before the oral argument, the Mayor, City Manager and Port Authority director held a "media roundtable" to discuss the Parking Plot.  The obvious intent was to improperly influence the Court of Appeals.  Their silence since then shows clearly that was their intention.)

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