Sunday, May 26, 2013

Brave stand by Hamilton County Commissioners Hartmann and Monzel

One of the key issues associated with the Cincinnati Streetcar is that never has our community moved forward with a major capital project with such little support.  Opposed to the Cincinnati Streetcar are our two Cincinnati Congressmen, the Governor, the state legislature (House and Senate), the two Republicans on the Hamilton County Commission, the NAACP, COAST, the FOP and Firefighters, the Baptist Ministers Conference, the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the GOP.

Even when our community went forward with disastrous projects such as the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, the expanded Cincinnati Convention Center and Paul Brown Stadium, community support was far broader at the inception of the project, if not throughout.

That lack of support was manifested again this week when Hamilton County Commissioners Chris Monzel and Greg Hartmann formally asked the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana Regional Council of Governments to pull $4 million in funding previously allocated to the project.  Read it here.

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