Friday, May 10, 2013

Do liberals think cheating is OK?

A foundational assumption of our democratic Republic is that, by and large, the participants play by the rules.  When that fundamental underpinning of our society is removed, we expect the second layer -- law enforcement -- to take over and restore the balance.  In other words, wrongdoers are prosecuted, and the malevolent conduct is simultaneously punished and prospectively discouraged.

But when you consider, even locally, the Votes-for-Ice-Cream scandal, the Jobs Corps scandal, the Laure Quinlivan scandal, the City Hall lobby scandal, the 2012 vote fraud in Hamilton County, the 2012 CPS voting scandal, and now the IRS/Tea Party scandal, and you realize that not one prominent democrat, not once, has spoken out against this type of persistent, pervasive, deep public corruption, you reasonably conclude that indeed the democrat party is a corrupt political party that promotes electoral cheating.

Then, the strength of our system falls to the prosecutors and judges to enforce the rules.  We'd say it's time for them to get crackin'.  And we applaud Joe Deters' prosecution of vote fraud in the 2012 election.  These people -- every one of them -- should go to prison.

Otherwise, we accept -- as the democrat establishment has -- that the end justifies the means.  The end is winning. And thus cheating, for the good of mankind (i.e., electing democrats), is justified.

COAST cannot overstate how dangerous, evil and pernicious the conduct is and how destructive to our society it is.  But even worse than the conduct itself is that there are not honest democrats (or at least very many of them) willing to speak out against the contortion of our electoral system for their selfish partisan gain.  It is a damning commentary on the state of our union.

For when cheating becomes the norm, and honest contests become the exception, our nation is the worse for it.

By the way, we encourage heads, lots of heads, to roll at the IRS.

Raise your hand if you think Eric Holder -- who accepted Black Panther intimidation in the 2008 election -- will do a damned thing about it.

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