Monday, May 13, 2013

Mayor Mark Mallory slips $17.4 million of additional Streetcar funding onto Council agenda TODAY

It's so bizarre, it has become surreal.

In an election year, Mayor Mark Mallory, desperate for more cash for his streetcar legacy, has slipped onto the Council agenda today an additional $17.4 million in funding for the Cincinnati Streetcar, as the City goes bankrupt on every other front.

Yes, after a show "public hearing" several weeks ago, and after a non-recommendation as to funding plans from the administration as to how to fill the $17.4 million hole, today -- with no debate or community input on the proposal -- Council will introduce and pass the Mayor's plan for funding the boondoggle.

Please contact Council today and let them know you oppose the plan and want an end to the Streetcar project now.

Use the information below to call or email council today:

Call Council at 352-1576.

Click on the name or copy and paste the email address

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