Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Local Tea Partiers headed to D.C. to testify in IRS scandal investigation

Cincinnati Tea Partiers Justin Binik-Thomas (Jewish Cincinnati Tea Party organizer singled out by the IRS as an "enemy" of the admistration)  and Tim Savaglio (Liberty Township Tea Party) along with Ohio Liberty Council organizer and former chairman Tom Zawistowski are currently traveling to Washington, D.C. to testify before the House Ways and Means Committee in the growing scandal surrounding the IRS.

They will testify Friday.  We hope those hearings are just the beginning of a thorough airing not just of the improper targeting of Tea Party groups, but of the over-intrusive questioning - waaaaay over the top -- to which they were subjected.  Read the COAST bombshell story and a few IRS letters on this topic here.

Who is Mitch Steele?

Comrade Joseph Stalin would be proud of the tactics of "low level" IRS staffer from the Cincinnati office, Mitch Steele, and whomever instructed him to ask the bizarre and intrusive questions that appeared on Tea Party questionnaires that were sent to Tea Parties, "Patriot" groups and 9/12 groups throughout the nation.

We also hope the Ways and Means Committee subpoenas Mr. Steele to testify as to the motivations for -- and who put him up to -- his nefarious deeds, as speculation is that "low level" IRS employees don't take such initiative on their own.  Someone put him up to this inquisition-lie probing of honest citizens attempting to pursue better government.

Again read for your self here just some of the bizzarre interrogation of these fine citizens.

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