Monday, May 13, 2013

Cincinnati Charter Committee calls Charter "Ambiguous"

Well what do you know? The Charter Committee says the Charter is ambiguous. COAST attorneys just finished briefing and arguing that exact same point; that there is ambiguity in the Charter as it relates to referendum and emergency clause provisions. And now, Cincinnati's Charter Committee, hardly a bunch of rabble rousing tea partiers, puts out this op-ed arguing for a revamping of the City Charter. In part to clear up the ambiguities surrounding the right of referendum and the effect of emergency ordinances.

COAST, never ones to toot our own horns, is excited to see that more and more of the "mainstream" of Cincinnati is coming around to our point of view.

We'll leave it to another day to point out the irony of the Charter Committee seeking to revamp the Charter in order to take power away from the voters.

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