Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There's something about May

Maybe it's the instinct to clear our plates before the interlude of the approaching summer.

Maybe it's the awakening from the sleep of winter, the stirring of nature's wake-up call that is Spring.

Maybe the longer days clear our heads.

Maybe it is just about time.

But whatever it is, May seems to be causing new issues to spring to life and old issues to be brought to conclusion.  Things are happening in our world of liberty-minded activists, things important to our future.

  • Council Finance Committee Chairman Roxanne Qualls promises a City Council vote this month on the Cincinnati Streetcar, specifically filling the $17.4 million funding gap.
  • The Court of Appeals promises a decision "very soon" on whether the Parking Plot referendum will survive.
  • Cincinnati City Council will vote soon on a budget that lays off 66 police officers and 71 firemen.
  • The Ohio legislature will finalize their decision on Medicaid expansion and all sorts of matters in the state budget.
  • Barack Obama is mired in treble scandals, two of them breaking in just the last few days:
    • Benghazi.
    • The IRS scandal arising from its targeting for special scrutiny of Tea Party groups.
    • The monitoring of Associated Press phone lines.
With our children, they are called "teachable moments," but from each of these crises there are lessons for our society, lessons for our leaders.  From our mistakes, we can learn and grow.

It's like the flowers blooming in May.

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