Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Berns for Mayor

COAST endorses
Jim Berns for Mayor 
Champion of Liberty for Cincinnati

We all know know Jim Berns as a stalwart friend of freedom, mostly as a candidate for Congress providing a libertarian option for 1st District voters.
Now all of Cincinnati has the chance to get to know Jim Berns, candidate for Mayor. COAST has been fortunate to know Jim as a champion of liberty in the petition effort against the Parking Plot. Jim and his team of volunteers provided countless hours and thousands of signatures. 
We worked with Jim in the fight against red-light cameras. Not only in Cincinnati, but also in Hamilton, Ohio. Berns has proven himself, time and time again, as a true champion of liberty.

After reflecting on the candidates and on our personal knowledge of Jim Berns, the choice became clear.

Jim Berns for Mayor

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  1. Thanks for endorsing a Libertarian! I became a paid member for this reason.


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