Friday, May 10, 2013


As is reported here, on March 29, 2013, Mayor Mark Mallory held an angry, threatening press conference on the same day Judge Bob Winkler issued his inspired decision allowing the Parking Plot Petition drive to proceed.  It has infamously become known as the "Pink Slip" press conference.    

Only three days later, Mayor Mallory was joined by his six sycophants (Chris Seelbach was there in spirit), at a second such press event.

At both events, Mayor Mallory and Milton Dohoney threatened that if petition signers gave the Parking Plot referendum petition enough signatures to place the issue before the voters, they would lay off 140 policemen and 118 firefighters.

The threats were explicit and specific.  The City Manager even said "I don't bluff."  Well apparently he does.

Yesterday, the City Manager scaled down those layoffs to 66 cops and 71 firemen.

By the way, we learned a few weeks ago that the threats to the Martin Luther King/I-71 exchange project were vacuous as well.  That project is proceeding apace.

We are waiting, waiting, waiting for the media to call them out on their lies.  Waiting....

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