Monday, May 20, 2013

Remarkable development in IRS scandal: Key manager in Tea Party harassment gave Obama campaign $4,000 in 2008

In an important development in the IRS scandal, WCPO Digital reports here that an IRS manager that orchestrated and oversaw at least some of the harassment of the IRS, Holly Paz, was recently promoted and transferred to D.C and donated $4,000 to the Barach Obama campaign in 2008.

Other in-depth, good investigative journalism is being done as well, focusing on the misdeeds in the monolith at Fifth and Main Streets (the Federal Building) in downtown Cincinnati.  As they methodically worked to squelch the growing Tea Party movement, in the fashion of tyrans and bureaucras worldwide and throughout history, they left a meticulous paper trail that will soon be their own un-doing.

Read here, as a even democrat Congressmen agrees that the IRS flat out lied to Congress.  

Read here as the Washington Post details how the scandal developments.  

And finally, in perhaps the most important development, our own Senator Rob Portman (also the senator of many of the "rogue" agents) has called for the appointment of a special prosecutor in the matter.  Read that in the LA Times, here.

COAST will keep you updated on the fast-breaking story as it develops.

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