Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ultra-creepy IRS-Tea Party letter

We can think of no better way to help our loyal COAST readers understand the depth of corruption in the Tea Party scandal at the IRS than to share with you their own creepy, intrusive, Orwellian correspondence to the Liberty Township Tea Party (below).  Please read every word and digest it to understand the depth of the Stalinistic control of the IRS.  We are not over-stating things.

In there, they inquire:
2. Please provide a copy of your website pages, including any pages with restricted access.
3. Please provide details of all of your activity on Facebook and Twitter. [You can't make this stuff up.]
25. It appears you have received training (Empower U).  [Sedition!]
26. Provide details of your relationship with Justin Bink-Thomas [sic]. [Note: Justin Binik-Thomas was one of the few Jewish leaders in the Tea Party movement in Cincinnati.  Why was he specially called out and targeted?]
They require responses be under oath.  And as we have learned is typical of the IRS, after sitting on applications for as long as two years with no response whatsoever, they wrote to applicants and gave then a total of between 10 and 20 days to respond or they will consider the application withdrawn.

Read it and weep for our Republic.


  1. So who is Mitch Steele and who told him it was OK for him to send this request back? Because you know that 'low level' employees don't just send additional documentation out on a whim. They have to be told to do it. Believe me. I used to manage a call center with 'low level' employees and they do the least amount of work possible. They do not go out of their way to think of stuff to mail to people, creating more work for themselves when they receive the information back. And specifically to target a select group is WAY beyond their comprehension unless someone else told them to do it. But Mitch is in deep doo-doo....I wonder if anyone has told him that yet. Maybe they've already told him not to speak to anyone. I'm sure someone has.

  2. IRS agents use pseudonyms. It's not their real name. It's a nom de guerre. French for "name of war". They are at war with Americans.

  3. The IRS needs to go. The over 73,000 pages of tax laws need to go. The incompitent employees need to go. Flat tax period.

  4. The old saying is "the buck stops here". It also implies that all commands come from the top. Obama's hands are filthy dirty over this whole IRS scandal.


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