Monday, May 27, 2013

Update, we found that first link -- the Bluff!

Here is the famous footage of the "Pink Slip Presser" from March 28.
Press Conference to Address Court Decision on Parking Lease from CitiCable on Vimeo.

Excerpted from the press conference:
Mallory: You have to trust the political leadership, you have to trust the professional leadership that is in place and that has made progress on this City....  
Dohoney: Some people have believed that Plan B for me was a bluff all along.  I am not elected.  I don't bluff.  I don't put things out there that I don't mean.  So, without the parking deal, it is Plan B, and Plan B is what is moving into place.
Dohoney is at 9:30-9:54 on the video.

(By the way, the news media consistently has refused to cover the lie repeatedly told by the Mayor that Parking revenues can't be used for any reason other than parking operations or parking improvements.  That lie is explained here.)

Anyway, here, Dohoney lied to us.  Aren't we glad we called his bluff!

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