Thursday, May 2, 2013

Main justification for Parking Plot is its biggest downfall

The Parking Plot foisted upon us by a malevolent City Council majority is primarily justified by its backers for the acceleration of thirty years of revenue into two years of spending, thus, supposedly, avoiding layoffs of police and firefighters over the coming 24 months, and funding certain capital projects that otherwise would go unfunded.

We are then told that this is a good thing.

But most petition signers told us that, transparently, the worst thing about the Parking Plot was the fact that Council is spending thirty years of revenue in two years, for where does that leave us in two years -- with the same spending indiscipline, but without this parking revenue stream to address the challenge.  In turn, that leaves the City in even more desperate financial condition for the 28 years after the lease is signed.

The Mayor and Council will never break away from this fundamentally fatal flaw in their plan -- both substantively and politically it is the death of the Parking Plot.

The biggest selling point of the Parking Plot is also its biggest downfall, as it should be.  The voters are a whole lot smarter than the Mayor and his loyal followers on Council think they are.

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