Saturday, June 16, 2012

Streetcar tax hearing -- Monday at 9:30 AM

Monday morning, Cincinnati City Council's Finance Committee will hold a hearing on a proposed 23% increase in the City's portion of the property tax. 

As John Cranley has told us, the tax is necessitated by the construction of Cincinnati's $125 million Streetcar. And as Mark Miller has told us, every City that has built a streetcar has a new tax to accompany it.  We believe this is the first of several new taxes for the Cincinnati Streetcar.

The hearing is at 9:30 AM in Council Chambers Monday the 18th. 

Be heard!


  1. Greg "Tax Hike" HartmannJune 16, 2012 at 11:36 PM

    Well, I support property tax hikes for Hamilton County so why shouldn't Cincinnati do the same? It's the most reasonable course of action.

  2. John Cranley is a dirty COASTer because he doesn't want to raise taxes! I'll be at this hearing, since it's not like I have to work during the workweek. My fat wife Tabitha works so I can spend all day eating and blogging slurs against others.


  3. 24 people spoke. Not one supported the Qualls/Mallory/Quinliven streetcar tax hike.


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