Monday, June 18, 2012

What They Think of You

This morning Citizens of Cincinnati took the opportunity to address their elected leaders on the important issue of the property tax rate.  That’s right, they exercised their Constitutional right to petition their government.

Yes, the great unwashed masses were allowed into the halls of power to speak their minds on this important issue - for two minutes per person.

One would hope that the elected officials would want to encourage civic engagement.  Because after all, our entire system of government depends on an engaged citizenry!

Council member Seelbach seems to take a different approach when it comes to citizen involvement.

A quick sampling of his Tweets about today’s council meeting is instructive:

No response from Seelbach.  No rebuke to such insulting language, nothing!

Not a single tweet from Seelbach about the very real and legitimate concerns about the proposed property tax increase of the speaker or the other speakers in attendance.  No, he simply singles out one person for derision, and denigrates the idea that such a person is worthy of "freedom."  No doubt, hoping to cast all who attended the meeting as somehow worthy of mockery and disrespect. 

The behavior of Mr. Seelbach is beneath the dignity of the office of Cincinnati City Council.  We hope he will apologize not only to the individual he attempts to disparage, but to all who attended and to all of Cincinnati.  Our city is facing a desperate financial crunch and one of the nine elected council members trusted to address this issue would rather tweet insults about citizens who come to a public meeting than address the issues.

Mr. Seelbach, the people of Cincinnati deserve better.

What we as citizens and voters should take away from today is the arrogance of power and just how quickly it takes hold.  Seelbach has been in office for just over 6 months and already he has no problem hurling insults into the ether.  We doubt he'd have the courage to stand before that person and spit his insults. 

Just imagine the low opinion a career politicians like Roxanne Qualls and Laure Quinlivan must have of the people who ultimately pay their salaries.

Remember this on election day.  Remember this when they work to do an end-run around term limits.  Remember this when they march in parades and show up at festivals.  Remember this when they speak to your group asking for your vote.  

Ultimately, to the elected elite of this city, you are little more than a wallet to be emptied and mocked.   

You can send City Council an email letting them know what you think of this shameless behavior by clicking here.

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