Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quinlivan breaks ranks: says no property tax increase

Well, we will see if this bold act holds through Wednesday's vote of the full Council, as a tremendous amount of weight must be on Laure Quinlivan's shoulders right now.  But, yesterday evening, after a bruising day of public comment, media coverage, editorials, e-mails and phone calls, Laure Quinlivan announced that she will oppose the Cincinnati Streetcar property tax hike.

That's good news for fiscal sanity; good news for a City struggling to attract jobs and residents; and good news for homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure.  It's also good news for the Council majority led by Christopher Smitherman fighting for a majority that's fiscally responsible.

That's bad news for Mayor Mallory whose outrageous spending knows no limits; that's bad news for Roxanne Qualls whose campaign to regain the Mayor's office is founded on her firm support for Mallory's outrageous spending; that's bad news for the lockstep Council majority that won't listen to reason.

Yes, the wheels are finally falling off of Mallory's carefully constructed train wreck of a Council careening towards a brick wall of fiscal disaster.  Thank goodness. 

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