Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ah hah! CPS comes around for more money

Our failed Cincinnati Public Schools, the people who brought you Pamula Thomas and the folks and the votes for ice cream scandal, now want more of your tax money, inevitably for more political organizing in CPS.

Pamula Thomas, a CPS employee whose primary job is "community organizing" at taxpayer expense, was integral to the 2010 scandal in which parents and students were registered to vote by CPS employees, and then bused to the Board of Elections, given democrat sample ballots, and then rewarded with Greaters Ice Cream for their good deeds in voting the democrat ticket.

The Enquirer reports here that CPS intends to ask voters, again, for a tax increase to fund their nefarious democrat "community organizing" of the youth of Cincinnati.

Coast says "no."  No way.

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