Monday, June 11, 2012

Cranley blasts Qualls' "Streetcar Tax"

At some point, either because logic dictates it, economic realities demand it, or because voters throw the bums out, common sense rises to the top with our decision-makers.

Such is the case with today's guest column in the Enquirer by former Council member and Finance Committee Chair John Cranley: The Facts about Cincinnati Taxes.

In there, Cranley dissects the realities about Cincinnati's budget woes, dispensing with the lies spun out of City Hall by Roxanne Qualls and the remainder of the fiscally irresponsible Council.  And he lays out the truth about the proposed hike in Cincinnati's property taxes:

Without the streetcar project ... there would be no need for the property tax hike.

So, let’s call this what it is – a streetcar tax. 

Increasing taxes will not only make it harder for us to grow and create jobs, but it further burdens families already struggling financially. In these tough times, the city should prioritize job growth, crime reduction, basic services and the infrastructure necessary for business to grow.

Now, John Cranley has never been accused of being a fire-breathing conservative.  While on Council and in his runs for Congress, he pretty much hewed to a left-leaning ideology.  Thus, his critique of City budgetary priorities, and taxing decisions, is mighty compelling commentary on the state of affairs at City Hall.


  1. Even though fees from those taxes would go to the general fund and operating budget and not the capital budget. Does this really have to be pointed out to COAST, AGAIN?

  2. Dude, tell John Cranley, not COAST.

    The wheels are obviously falling off of the trolley. Get a clue!


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