Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tom Luken: City is playing "the old Streetcar shuffle"

When respected former City Hall democrats are attacking their fellow democrats for misplaced tax and spending priorities, and, even worse, for misleading the public, you know something serious is brewing at City Hall.

And that something brewing is a witches' stew of fiscal calamity on the horizon.

Mayor Mark Mallory and Council member Roxanne Qualls have made a pernicious pact to push through foolish spending plans for the $4.4 million City Hall glass atrium and the $125 million streetcar project, with no real plan for funding them.  Even worse, they then lie to the voters and taxpayers, telling them there is no real consequence to this surge of capital spending, or the operating deficits to come from these projects.  They tell us these projects will not require spending cuts in other areas and the residents will have no tax increase. 

Really?  Magic money from nowhere, apparently, Mr. Mayor.

Democratic former Mayor and Congressman Tom Luken, along with democratic former City Council Finance Committee Chairman John Cranley are calling bullshit on the City's serial fiscal misrepresentations.  It's all one big lie, and you can read about it in today's Enquirer, here.

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