Thursday, June 7, 2012

Even the Enquirer....

The Enquirer ed page, which has been a reliable cheerleader for the disastrous policies of Mayor Mallory, Milton Dohoney and Roxanne Qualls, or more likely AWOL from the debate, yesterday blasted the proposed property tax increase of the cabal in control at City Hall.

Read it here.

Excerpts from the editorial are:
But it’s time to get real. This is no time for a tax increase. It’s time to start living within our means.

Looking to the taxpayers for more is not the answer. Many households, like city government, have been forced to live with less income, either through job loss or pay cuts. To deal with that, they’ve had either to go into debt or to cut expenses.
So, the dominoes start to fall, as their most reliable backstop pulls its support.

But Mallory and Qualls, immune from public input for his foolishness, and controlling the reliable votes of Young, Simpson, Thomas, and Quinlivan, are unlikely to change their path that is devastating our formerly fine City.

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  1. My and my fat wife Tabitha fully support another tax increase. We love higher taxes!


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