Friday, June 22, 2012

Action Alert: Streetcar Tax - Not Dead Yet!

 Streetcar Tax Remains Front Burner Issue 

Monday morning Cincinnatians jammed Council Chambers and made it clear to all who would listen that City Manager Dohoney's proposed 23% Property Tax increase is an absolute no-go.
That said, Council will meet this coming Monday to make their recommendation on the proposed tax budget and vote on Tuesday.  
The Enquirer and Brian Thomas at 55KRC report that there are five votes lined up against the Streetcar Tax: Chris Seelbach; P.G. Sittenfeld; Laure Quinlivan; Charlie Winburn; and Christopher Smitherman.
We believe that Winburn and Smitherman have proven their anti-Streetcar Tax bona fides.  However, because Seelbach, Sittenfeld and Quinlivan are new to this fight, it is crucial that the pressure be kept on council to beat back this abusive tax increase.
Your calls and emails are needed now.
You can Call City Council at 513-352-1576  

Don't let this important decision be made without your input!

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  1. This streetcar tax is essential for the health of our fine city. We need this money to ensure we can move forward with the streetcar and atrium. Why does our party keep endorsing candidates who won't stand with our agenda?


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