Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mayor Mallory's house of cards starts to fall

Oh how the mighty fall.

Just two weeks ago, Mayor Mallory was flying high with his plans for a streetcar, Atrium and property tax increase "iced."  The rest of the Mallory agenda would come later.

Now, Laure Quinlivan has withdrawn the crucial fifth vote in favor of the property tax increase, and then today Quinlivan and Wendell Young announced that they will withdraw their support for the $4.4 glass top on City Hall.

Yes, eventually common sense and fiscal realities must come into the equation.  It just takes some longer than others.

Read it in the Enquirer, here.

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  1. Laure Quinlivan, John Cranley, and Wendell Young are basically Coasties. We must deal with the traitors amongst our party.


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