Friday, June 1, 2012

Mallory's fiscal irresponsibility yields deficit, tax hike

Ahhh, we love to say it:

"We told you so."

Years of fiscal insanity at City Hall are finally yielding the entirely predictable results COAST has warned about for years and years.

City Manager Milton Dohoney today announced that the City has a claimed $34.3 million deficit next year, and plans a property tax increase for already beleaguered Cincinnati homeowners(It should be noted that Mayor Mallory, whose reckless policies have yielded this result, is dodging comment, hoping to distance himself from his own failed decisions.)

Council member Christopher Smitherman indicates that the structural deficit, excluding tax increases and one-time resources, in reality will exceed $40 million for the coming fiscal year.

Tomorrow's Enquirer will report that former Council member Chris Bortz says that “the public ought to be outraged” by the property tax increase and Council member Smitherman says projects like the streetcar and atrium are “reckless spending” and proof of “misdirected priorities.”

COAST will join with others opposing the property tax hike, and continue to point out that this Bat Shit Crazy Council and Mayor are leading Cincinnati on the road to ruin.

Cincinnati's voters are reaping precisely what they have sowed by their poor choices on Council for the past decade or more.

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  1. We need to raise taxes to ensure we'll have enough money to operate our new streetcar system and wedding atrium, as well as have free food available for both.


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