Tuesday, June 19, 2012

City residents are so screwed: A second Streetcar tax

City residents: you are so screwedAnd screwed by your own elected leaders.  Remember, those are those folks who are supposed to be protecting you.

First, Mayor Mallory tried to raise your property taxes 23%.  Now news comes out that Mayor Mallory is trying to shift the $12.5 million gap in the costs of relocating the Duke Energy gas, electric and chilled water lines along the Streetcar route to City-only utility ratepayers.

As this Enquirer story shows, the "end game" of Mayor Mallory is to shift some of the costs of his boondoggle to City taxpayers (ratepayers), but to do it without a vote of the Council and without public discussion.  The public dodge and weave of Mallory has been pretty effective so far.

And those poor schleps, the taxpayers, in Cincinnati?  You know the people who work hard, play by the rules and pay their taxes?  Remember, those folks the politicians claim to be trying to help in College Hill, Avondale, Kennedy Heights and Pleasant Ridge?  Those folks in Madisonville, Westwood  and Clifton who are losing their homes to foreclosure?  The Seniors on fixed incomes desperately trying to hang onto their homes?   Remember them? 

Well, the largess of Mayor Mallory, who cares deeply about the little people, will drive more of them to fiscal ruin, just so he can have his toy streetcar, and his glass atrium on top of City Hall.

COAST is working on a strategy to encourage the PUCO to stop this looting of Cincinnati ratepayers dead in its tracks.

This Council, this Mayor, this Manager, are very simply bat shit crazy.

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  1. College Hill taxpayerJune 21, 2012 at 9:26 AM

    First they told us it would be built with private and corporate donations. That was a lie.

    Then they told us that it would be built entirely with State and Federal Grants, along with City Capital funds. That was a lie.

    Now they're passing on the bill to every person in the City of Cincinnati.

    But we should just believe that they're telling us the truth about the rest of the project right?


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