Monday, June 11, 2012

The meaning of Wisconsin

The defeat of the big-union attempt to recall Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin holds great lessons for politicians, if only they remain sufficiently bold to capture the moment and act on their mandate.

One week ago COAST announced that the Wisconsin recall vote was a choice by the electorate of a direction for America.  Either the Wisconsin electorate was going to point to a European-style socialism, or lead us into a resurgence of the free-market.

Here's COAST's take from the Wisconsin vote:
  • First, bold action by an elected leader is to be encouraged.  We need to try new things, even on the conservative side of the equation.  Voters understand that it is not possible to maintain the status quo. Since change is necessary, why not move boldly in a conservative direction.
  • Second, free markets are preferred, and the public understands that public labor unions, and perhaps all labor unions, are over-burdening America.
  • Third, remember that the Walker reforms were modest.  And unions still have a lot of clout. Voters are incredibly tolerant of the unions, and their abhorrent, over-the-top behavior in Wisconsin.  Thus, we will have to accommodate them in the political process for a long time to come.
  • Fourth , the Tea Party is alive and well, with a vibrant grass-roots movement that rose up to Walker's defense in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.
  • Finally, congratulations to Wisconsin for re-joining the international economy, and making their state competitive for a new generation of citizens.  We only hope Ohio can move as boldly with them. 
So, we cautiously take a lesson from the Wisconsin vote, and encourage our leaders to move boldly in a conservative direction to save our state and nation.  The voters will stand behind you, and reward you, if you do.

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